Rene’s approach to working at Wajda Law Group is defined by a commitment to helping clients connect to the practice and the systems that enable us to better serve them. He is a core team member of our legal staff at Wajda Law Group.

Rene takes great pride in helping maintain the high standards at Wajda Law Group, where we believe a positive, affirmative, and appreciative approach best frames most challenges in the Bankruptcy field. There is no corporate detachment here at the Wajda Law Group, as each client remains a real person who deserves to be treated with the utmost respect and positive energy. Life’s daily struggles are enough to worry about for most people, so filing bankruptcy often sounds terrifying and foreign. In working at Wajda Law Group, Rene has a duty to help people learn about all of their options, including Bankruptcy as one of the most powerful tools available to them. Every client has their own questions and concerns and they deserve to be answered as painlessly as possible with the reminder that their debt does not define them. Rene takes great pride in helping people that may be feeling helpless or marginalized because of their debt.