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its over and I’m so thankful for Nicholas and his staff. You used discretion, kept me updated and were so knowledgeable and compassionate. Thank you

Carolyn Frame    August 19, 2019   

Michael thank you so much for your help, I can't wait for my fresh start again Thank you so much you and your team and yes I would like some help in raising my credit score.

Althea Lee    July 31, 2019   

It happened so fast! Been contemplating if I will file for BK because of my current situation but what blew me was when one day my bank's account was zeroed out due to a court order I was not aware of. So I decided to look for a lawyer to handle my case and do not have any idea what I would do until I got hold on Atty. Michael Reid whom from the very start was very supportive, calm and knowledgeable of my situation. Been very fast in action and was a pleasure to work with. We've been constantly talking and have understood what I was going through. The company itself was a good one, not after the payment because they actually offered me a monthly installment plan for the processing of the whole BK issues. Again, I thank you Atty. Reid for making this possible and greatly appreciate everything that you have done. Goodluck to you and to the whole company of Wajda Law Group.

* Maria Pangan    July 23, 2019   

Michael Reid and his team worked so hard to make sure my husband and I had a stress less experience. They went above and beyond for us and we are extremely grateful. 10 out of 10 in our books. Thank you!

* Jordan Tyree    June 12, 2019   

I had an excellent experience w/Nicholas Wajda & and his office. He walked thru me the steps for my bankruptcy filing & i had no problem w/the results and timing that I was told everything would be done. It was a pleasant experience and gave me a new lease on life financially.

Thank you Nicholas,

Michael Melamed
* Testimonial

michael melamed    June 3, 2019   

Michael and his associates made the process very easy. I was very intimidated and nervous about filing for bankruptcy, but working with them gave me peace of mind. I would definitely recommend the services of Wajda Law Group.

*Briana Baker    May 21, 2019   

I found myself in a very difficult position and approached Wajda Law Group for help. So very glad that I did. They were very kind and efficient and solved my problem. Would definitely recommend.

Wajdalawgroup    April 19, 2019   

* Testimonial: Excellent human beings! Professional, and timely help. Love you, Michael, you are the best!
Dr Olga book publishing

Dr Lazin    April 5, 2019   

I found Wajda Group online and was incredibly nervous and hesitant. But after speaking with his team and proceeding forward all stress went out the window. They are responsive, detailed, provide email follow-up to conversations, and very efficient. Their cost is more than fair and I advise anyone to prioritize paying them up front so your stress-free life can begin toward starting over. They are happy to take payments. After the filing was complete there were some bills that popped up and they quickly amended them for me and resubmitted them. I’m grateful for the Wajda team. I worked with Michael Reid and I’m very appreciative. I’ve already sent him a potential client.

*E. Lee    March 23, 2019   

* Michael at the firm, the staff, all were always professional. The care was perfect for me, scared of everything.

I am breathing life back into my ubfortionate situation. Thank you for walking me carefully through this process Testimonial

* BarbaraYour Name    March 13, 2019   

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