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This law firm was amazing to work with throughout the bankruptcy process. I received my discharge and they were personable and professional. Michael T. Reid was fantastic and I will highly recommend anyone thinking about going bankrupt to use this firm. Thank you all.

Rachelle Asselin    August 18, 2020   

On the worst moment of my life I found trust and confort with everybody I interacted at this firm. They are beyond outstanding in all aspects. I truly recommend their services. Well worth your investment. They will professionally take care of your case, always prompt to respond to enquires, never forgetting the human side of the situation.
From the bottom of my heart, thank you so much. I and eternally grateful.

Jaime L Furtado    July 22, 2020   

* Testimonia
My experience with Michael Reid and associates at Wajda Law Group was
Very pleasant from beginning to end.
Michael and his staff where very knowledgeable and courteous at all times and made a very stressful time
So much easier. I would recommend them to all my family and
Michael I can’t thank you enough..

* Anna Campise    June 23, 2020   

Nick and his associates were always very professional and friendly. I was in a bad situation financially and decided to file for bancruptcy. After speaking with Nick, I decided to hire him to handle my bancruptcy. Nick was very detailed and filed all paperwork in a timely manner. He and his associates made this tough time in my life exceptionally easy. Thank you Nick, you have saved myself and my family from financial ruin and got my wife and I back on the correct path to recovery.

Eric Morales    June 22, 2020   

*Thank you for guiding and helping me through the process and completion of this important step I had take to handle my finances, when I started considering this avenue I was not sure that I wanted to do that, but when I contacted the lawyer and consulted with him, I felt that I had someone on my side who understood my situation and was willing to help me , he is very patient and I contacted him as many times as needed to consult any doubts or concerns I had. The end result if the process was the best and very smooth, it was completed successfully.
Thank you very much everyone in the Wajdalawgroup!
I will recomend this law group without a doubt.

Gladys Perez    June 2, 2020   

The process with the office was so simple attorney Michael was awesome as well as his staff....Thank you
I would definitely recommend them to anyone looking for a great Attorney and his staff
Than you for all u did

Fred F our Name    February 12, 2020   

It's been a while, but I wanted to let you know that I was very impressed with the professionalism I experienced with at your law firm. Any questions I had were answered in a timely and courteous manner. After hiring your company to represent me in filing for bankruptcy, I felt that the pressure from previous creditors was almost gone since you handled them.
Again, thank you very much for a FANTASTIC job.

Trudy Althammer    February 11, 2020   

* Michael and his associates were very professional and fast ,they made a hard and difficult choice very easy. They answered all my questions and filed all the paperwork very fast. The lawyer that went to the 341 meeting explained the process and put us at ease.
Thank you Michael and the Wajda Law Group.

Mark Bower    January 26, 2020   

I had spoken to a few bankruptcy lawyers locally here in Texas. Although they all seemed competent, no one really made me feel comfortable. I searched for information online to compare with that given to me by those lawyers. I ended up on LegalZoom thinking I'd talk to some agent on the phone, but I ended up getting connected to Michael Reid from the Wajda Law Group. When I found out he was in California, I thought great, I'll fleece him for information and use that to find a local lawyer to help me with my bankruptcy. I don't know if it was normal or not, but Michael and I ended up talking for something like 2 1/2 hours. He spoke to wife and I and answered every question we had, multiple times over. He asked pertinent questions about our situation and made us feel comfortable talking to him. He was busy too, I could tell, but patient. What seemed like an unsurmountable task to us, he made feel like he would guide us and do all the heavy lifting. We decided to work with him that night. During the last 4 months, Michael has answered the phone, replied to emails, and has followed through on everything he said he would do. He assuaged our fears and our nerves, and did so genuinely. We had such a great experience with him and the rest of the team. Although the last 4 months have been inherently stressful for us, Michael made this experience exponentially better. Don't hesitate to work with him!

Oscar Restrepo    December 19, 2019   

* Testimonial. I am very happy with the professional manner that my case was handled. It was very easy to understand and to follow the directions. Michael Reid and his staff were very helpful any time I needed a question answered. They always responded to my calls and messages. Thank you so much for your help at the right time!

* Your Name. Keven Helzer    December 16, 2019   

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