Bankruptcy is a process in which consumers and businesses can eliminate or restructure their debt under the strong protection of the Federal Bankruptcy Court. The bankruptcy process is a helpful and necessary system in the United States which serves to give individuals a “fresh start” from debt.
Nicholas Wajda
Attorney Nicholas Wajda is a Los Angeles bankruptcy and estate planning lawyer and has filed over 5,000 successful bankruptcy cases, helped countless others with debt issues and has built a reputable practice serving clients all over California and Nevada.


Managing Partner

Attorney Michael Reid
Attorney Michael Reid specializes as a California bankruptcy attorney and a California estate planning lawyer. He has built his practice by offering clients effective and innovative legal solutions and approaches each client relationship with compassion and integrity.
Attorney Anthony O. Mikhail
Attorney Anthony O. Mikhail is an attorney at Wajda Law Group, APC, where he represents debtors in consumer bankruptcy matters.